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Borderline, installation, painted river canes, 30 mt across the landscape, 2013, Botanical Garden Natural Reserve Porto Caleri, Rosolina, Italy, DELTARTE Contemporary Environmental Art Festival curated by Melania Ruggini



Borderline is a work created for Contemporary Art Festival Deltarte in 2013, at the Botanical Garden of Rosolina. The theme is about "borders and boundaries" in relationship with environment and the geographical area we been working in. The redirection of the Po river in the eighteenth century by the Venetians to protect Venice shaped the landscape over centuries and is still on. Over time there were several land reclamation projects throughout the polesine territory, to make it more habitable, as it was a marsh land.Shifting rivers, borders and boundaries, the landscape and the cultural / environmental / resorurces are changed.
I personally have shifted the border on a phisical level : What is the meaning of borders and boundaries in relationship with environment and life strength? an edge, a fence, a resistance, a wall or a distance as well as an armor.  Borderline is an installation that relates the defensive survivor attitude of a creature in an open natural environment, creating a dialogue between art / landscape and people, respecting the sensitivity of the micro-habitat in which we are working and where the installation will take place.
I then wondered, what is an animal that has a constant barrier between itself and the outside world? the answer came from nature itself : animals with quills. I then decided to adopt the aesthetics of the porcupine and erected a defensive line that runs into the landscape, like a wall with an organic attitude, without disturbing animals and plants because using plants from the same environment. Like camouflage, without violating the landscape.