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RESTORING THE WORLD is a project developed between 2012 / 2014 dedicated to a forest in Italy burnt by an arson attack. The area embraces Lido di Dante Lido di Classe,  Delta del Po National Park under UNESCO heritage, a very special environment and cultural place: being close to Ravenna, has been named Dante Alighieri's Lido because he lived in Ravenna last years of his life. This place is a fragile rare environment, many migrating birds come down here and is the estuary of Bevano river into Adriatic Sea forming sand dunes with many types of plants growing on three different stripes between the pinewood forest and the sea creating a very special micro-clima.

This project took care and curated the landscape after a trauma, interacting with people and engadging them to take care about their land and re-installing a relationship with their own pinewood forest. The maining concept here is to use rules about restoration ( normally used in archeology and conservation) and put into effect into the environment in a process of archiving disappearing landscapes.

Communication through art about ethical behavior toward the environment we live in because we are all part and responsable about our habitat.

RESTORING THE WORLD - CURA#1, sculpture , 2012, 43x23x20 cm / WHAT REMAINS OF A FOREST pigment print on archival matt paper edition of 3, 2012, 40x60 cm / BARKS, triptych, charcoal on paper, 2013, 150x100 cm each -installation view at STUDIO LA CITTà Gallery - Verona, photo by Michele Alberto Sereni, courtesy Giorgia Severi and Studio la Città - Verona

OPERAZIONE CAMPO BASE . PERFORMANCE, 2013, Emergenze Creative Contemporary Art Festival, photocredit Emiliano Biondelli courtesy the artist and NastyNasty

ARSA, still da video, video installation double screen / projection, 2013, 15 minutes, edition of 3, courtesy the artist


Catalog by Allemandi&Co eng+it

supported by

Protezione Civile Ravenna and Corpo Forestale Rangers Punta Marina

Chiara Massini, art curator / La PArCo Foundation Treviso

Silvia Cirelli, art curator / Emergenze Creative e Associazione Labelab

Assessorato Ambiente Environment Department Ravenna


Dr.Ing. Giovanni Pingani, Production

project idea and director, artworks and performnace by GIORGIA SEVERI


Francesco Tedde, Daniele Pezzi, video + editing

Giovanni Lami, sound editing

Emiliano Biondelli, photo

Maria Giulia Cicognani, Alessandro Montelli , assistant

partecipations / presences

Studio La Città - Verona, BACK TO THE LAND curated by ANDREA LERDA / PLATFORMGREEN, 2016/17

MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts , Rome MAXXI Temporary School , Artificial Nature!,YAP FEST 2016 by PARASITE 2.0 _ projection of ARSA - RESTORING THE WORLD, GIORGIA SEVERI , curated by Rossella Farinotti.

RESTORING THE WORLD - GIORGIA SEVERI , LaParCo Foundation, Treviso, 2014, solo exhibition   /   CURATE IT YOURSELF, Villa Belle Ville Paris, 2015, group exhibition, projection ARSA video /   RESTORING THE WORLD - GIORGIA SEVERI, NiArt Gallery , Ravenna, 2015, solo exhibition /   NOWHERE LANDSCAPES  - Malatestiana National Library, 2016.