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Dendrology is a forever on going project dedicated to endangered trees and plants around the globe, creating an archeological parallel landscape made out of molds of trees's barks. As we're crossing an important climate change and we are polluting the planet as never happened before, many plants are going to be extinct soon. This project, as dendrology does, wants to record and to report memories of trees. It's a sculptural catalogation about trees having special stories and meanings related to cultural landscapes like traditional customs and beliefs. What will remain will be just an immaterial culture linked to them, a memory, as a trace of their existance. Molds of trees's barks are taken all around the world using cellulose plaster.

Betula Pendula, 2011, 20x11x4 cm / Quercus Suber #2, 2011, 14x12x2 cm

Castanea Sativa, 2011, 26x20x1 cm / Dracena Craco - Monte Paradiso, Taormina, 2018, 36x26x1 cm

cellulose plaster