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work in progress documentation of trees from October 2011


Stories and memories of trees is a forever work in progress catalogation of trees with special stories or meanings in relatinship to a place and people. It's the meeting point between environment and humans where the cultural aspect of nature becomes part of people's life becasue we are related to the environment we live in.

Some trees living in urban areas have had hard times meeting people because they have been chopped down to make space for a building, other trees live in extreme conditions,  some old giants live here from ages watching us as keepers of stories relating to a place and registering climate changes, they can be temple for special events and sacred trees or medicine plants in different cultures, vertical island giving a place where to stay to many animals and giving us a shade in summer, fire wood in winter, food and timber, they produce oxygen and this explains that we all belong to them because we breath with them.

memory #2 _ bark, betulla bianca, cellulose, 12x20x1,5cm, 2011

memory #3_bark, castagno, 23x22x2cm, 2011